Roger Oren

Volunteer, Church of the Brethren

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Roger has been active in the Brethren Church, was a camp counselor at Woodland Altars, helped build the new Happy Corner building, and still is the church clerk and newsletter editor for Emmanuel Church of the Brethren. When he heard the Brethren Heritage Center was forming, he and his wife helped assemble shelving there, attended a few of the first board meetings, and has served as an IT consultant and technician, keeping the computers running. He made a floor plan of the center, to locate the security cameras, and compiled lists of Brethren churches, restaurants and hotels close to the center for use when visitors come into town. Roger still works full time at a general contractors office, can't volunteer  as much as he wants, but is ready to help when needed.

Brethren Heritage Center

The Brethren Heritage Center (BHC) is a historical archive for printed materials and artifacts connected to a variety of Christian groups that trace their roots to a specific group baptism in Schwarzenau, Germany in 1708. 937-833-5222

428 N Wolf Creek St., Suite H

Brookville, OH 45309-1297


Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
(except holidays), 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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