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Brethren Digital Archives


In 2007, the late A. Wayne Webb, editor of Brethren Roots, approached the Brethren Heritage Center with the idea of creating a searchable archive of all Brethren periodicals. Word was sent to the various denominational publication committees and Colleges who met to discuss how this could be achieved. A grant was obtained from the Lilly Foundation which covered most of the cost of digitizing with the remainder coming from personal donations. It was decided to include the first periodical issued in 1851 through the various publications to the year 2000. These can now be found online: On the left side a box will appear, Search this Collection, therein type the desired periodical name and year. Click on the book, upper right is a search box for a specific name or title, lower right is a magnifying glass. Articles can be printed.

Historically, Elder Henry Kurtz [1796-1874] published the first Brethren paper, Gospel Visitor in 1851 which continued through 1873. This was followed by:

Christian Family Companion 1864-1875

The Pilgrim & The Weekly Pilgrim 1870-1876

Primitive Christian & Pilgrim 1876-1883

Gospel Preacher & Progressive Christian 1878-1881

The Brethren’s Advocate 1879-1882

The Gospel Messenger 1883-

The Brethren Evangelist 1885-

The Bible Monitor 1923-

The Brethren Herald 1939-1939

The Brethren Missionary Herald 1940-

The Pilgrim 1950-

The Vindicator 1870- by special request of the Vindicator committee, this periodical is not online.

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